Forward-looking and with a thorough grounding in the rich and multi-faceted history of the built environment, we are a full-service design firm with over thirty-five years of in-the-field and advanced research experience. We provide highly personalized services for a wide range of select residential, commercial, landscape, and interiors projects.

Our Goals

  • Create architecture for and about the people who use it.
  • Listen carefully and respond appropriately.
  • Accept — and exploit — context where called for.
  • Strive for originality, but not just to be original.
  • Avoid dogma, jargon, momentary style, and imitating the past.
  • Value aesthetics.
  • Embrace detail both in design and in the process.
  • Learn from one project to the next.
  • Have fun.

As the firm’s reputation has grown, clients look to BENJAMIN CLAVAN ARCHITECT/ARQUITECTO not only for creative design solutions, but also to resolve atypical or intricate design and entitlement problems outside the normal practice of many other architects.

We enjoy challenges. And we like the idea that the finished product will reflect not only architectural excellence, but also the crucial “bottom-line” realities for every client.