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Valencia, Spain


2013-15; 2022


“Reformation” of a one-bedroom penthouse apartment in a period building that is located on a historic square in the center of the city. Project includes raised, soffited ceilings, new Kitchen, new Bath, detailing and furnishings. The flat (piso) was sold in 2021 to a new owner, an artist, who asked for options to move the kitchen to the living room (salon) at front of the piso and to transform the current kitchen into a lounge/second bedroom with an additional closet area. The new owner also asked that kitchen be a “blank” wall in the original salon. Because of city facade restrictions and adjoining building walls, transferring the kitchen also requires water and drainage to connect with the original exit from the piso at the rear. One solution is a long, surface-mounted ledge that could also serve to display moveable artwork. This is proposed in two finishes and requires that a portion of the original kitchen floor be raised, leading to the insertion of a shelving and closet unit as a colorful volume in the new lounge.