Valencia, Spain


Summer - Fall, 2019


Making a newly renovated flat “livable” for its new owners.  A perfectly located and sized piso that had never been occupied since its recent modernization by real estate entrepreneurs had four major problems: 1) Non-functional Kitchen lay-out; 2) the size of the Master Bedroom barely allowed for a king-sized bed; 3) the Master Bath shower barely allowed turning room; and, 4) another Bedroom (one of the four in the flat) had one small window on a dark air shaft.  Tasked with correcting these problems while preserving as much of the new construction as possible, the design enlarges the kitchen almost two-fold, creating a true dining island, a cooking station, and a functionally-placed sink.  In addition, a master-bedroom suite is created by combining two of the small bedrooms into one large space and connecting this with the additional dark bedroom, now to be used as a study.  Natural light for this room is available through a translucent sliding glass panel facing the bright bedroom and/or closed-off with a sliding wood panel.  New ceiling details with new lighting differentiates the otherwise uniform spaces.  Addition of wood detailing softens the otherwise formerly unadorned spaces.

(In consultation to Cayetano Martos Sauer, Arquitecto, Valencia.)