Valencia, Spain




Total demolition and renovation of an existing residence in a half-century-old, multi-unit building for use by a single woman who uses a wheelchair full-time. Reformation targeted an open, loft-like plan to ease movement throughout the flat. Two new spatial volumes with curved corners for enhanced wheelchair accessibility are inserted in the space and detailed differently. One volume serves as a lounge/guest bedroom, the other is designed for bathrooms and closets. All doors slide into walls.

New, accessible windows and balcony doors are inserted throughout. The kitchen and both baths are also fully and easily useable by both the owner and her visitors. In homage to her past career in the women’s apparel industry in New York, a series of low, curved platforms line the length of the flat for exhibiting dress designs on full-height mannequins. In addition, a number of featured shelving units throughout the flat showcase the owner’s extensive pottery collections.

(In consultation to Cayetano Martos Sauer, Arquitecto, Valencia.)