Feasibility Studies

  • Evaluates site selection.
  • Assists in determining space and functional needs.
  • Coordinates input from other technical consultants.
  • Assists in determining financing needs.
  • Researches parking/planning entitlements and requirements.

Project Development

  • Writes permit applications.
  • Assists in establishing budgets.
  • Provides liaison with government officials.
  • Represents owners at public hearings and forums.

Expert Witness

  • Provides project research.
  • Provides forensic analysis.
  • Appears at mediation, arbitration, deposition, and court hearings.

Design Package

  • Prepares site and master plans.
  • Selects/employs other technical consultants.
  • Develops schematic and design development drawings.
  • Prepares construction documents, including specifications.
  • Assists in planning for customized interiors and furnishings.

Construction Package

  • Solicits bids and/or negotiates with contractors.
  • Coordinates selection of construction team.
  • Administers construction contract.
  • Responds to on-site construction and inspection issues.


  • Assists in interior decorating and furnishing process.
  • Performs post-construction evaluations.